Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 2: 2,838

I don't think my little progress graph is working, at least not on this computer, but here it is from the nano site itself:

Day 2's Word Count:  ~ 2,838
Nov's Total:  ~7,966

  • It's hard to plan just a day ahead.
  • That the words are coming harder, a sign that my inner editor is not as satisfied editorially with my work as we were on Saturday.  But I'm going to take Edittorrent's suggestion, and trust myself to fix it later.
  • I must be on a self-imposed challenge to see in how many chapters I can get Walker, my MC, nude.  Let's see now:  
    • In the first scene, he's just stepping out of the purification pool when his sometimes-wife arrives to abduct him.
    • In a later scene, his sometimes-wife has him strip so she can make him courier something.  (See my previous, linked blog post to know what "courier" means exactly.)  He also wakes up naked in bed afterwards, along with her.
    • Later, he is told to strip and stand for investigation, at the border of his world and another, on the suspicion he's been infected by the plague.
Well, that's it.  Happy writing everyone.  I survived Day 2!  Let's see about Day 3!

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