Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 9: 1,852

Day 9's Word Count: 1,852
Nov's Total: ~22,056

  • I discovered that this novel is trying to turn partly into a mystery on me.  Not sure I wanna let it.  Mysteries and I don't get along well.
  • That I'm going to try a new technique for getting my words.  I said my chapters were resembling outlines more than real chapters or that I'd have to pretend they were, in order to edit?  Well, why not see how hard it is to build a novel up from a literal outline.  Summarize the rest of the novel in 2,000 words today.  Next day, flesh it out with 2,000 more until I get to the point I'm focusing on individual scenes and adding dialogue, scene setting, etc.  Hmm, it's worth a shot anyway.  That's what nano is for:  exploration.

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