Saturday, November 28, 2009

Check Up

Well, it's Saturday, and it's a good day to look back on progress made and to set up expectations for the week to come.  And for a snippet from my nano novel, tweaked to make more sense.

Progress Made:
  • I finished NaNoWriMo Friday night. Walker#1 Novel is not finished, but I am pleased with my word count this month.
  • I've started on my website.  Right now, I have my hosting site, domain name, and a very basic layout of site.
New Goals:
  • Take a break from the actual writing of Walker#1 Novel, and start planning out the series and world in greater depth.
  • Work on a page a day of my website.
  • Get back to my regular schedule of linkaday, research, and write way posts.
Snippet from Walker#1 Novel:

"Aren't you going to offer a lady a ride?" Mehe said.

Find me one, and I'd be happy to.  But my former horse had a mind of Mehe's making, and without waiting for my response, it folded itself in place over its legs, nearly upending me in the process.  She demurely settled on the now expanded back, crossing her legs over the side.  By the time I found my seat, it rose up again.  Nearly dislodging me in the process again, while her pose hadn't shifted a muscle.

Enough was enough.

She could keep her mech . . . beast.  I'd go hide out in the House of Health until it had returned to normal and she preyed on one of her other sometimes-husbands.  I lifted my right leg over the neck of the beast, intending to slide off over shoulder and wing.  Instead, I found myself in a less than comfortable parody of her position.  The wing had locked my leg into position.  And my seat warmed, threatening sunburn in inopportune places. 

Mehe draped an arm over my shoulder and toyed with the back of my neck.  "A rather comfortable improvement, isn't it?  And roomy.  One could practically do anything atop him.  One doesn't have to be so flexible anymore."

Choosing the lesser of two evils, I swung my leg back into the proper side of the trap and sighed.  "You're going to sell me to the vampires again, aren't you?"

Mehe withdrew, rigid.  "You should know I possess more sense than that."  She plucked at my silk sleeve.  "Do you have any idea how much your garments would cost to purchase?  I'd never recoup their loss or my standing with the creditors if I let you go off to a harem in these."

Well, she could, if she did business with the greater harem holders, but none of them would have anything to do with her after her last deal.  "So I'm safe as long as I'm dressed in your purchases?"

"Rentals, not purchases."

"What's keeping you from just stripping me down beforehand?"

She scoffed.  "Men, you only have one thing on your mind.  But I am flattered you miss me so, my love."

Reassuring that:   in her mind, she connected my nudity only to intimate acts with her; it was also quite unreassuring for entirely the same reason.  But continuing to argue down this path would only lead to more equivocations of increasingly uncomfortable nature.  So there was nothing left for it but this:  I turned around in my seat, stared her in the eye, and entreated her for a straight answer for once.  "Mehe, what do you want?"

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