Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 16: 1,899

Day 16's Word Count: 1,899
Nov's Total:  39,577


  • I discovered I have about 13 chapters left to write in the novel, and I have 10,423 words left to write.  So, once my 10k words are done, I'd like to try my own marathon in November.  No, not to write all 13 chapters.  Rather to write every day of November, no matter how little it is.  And a secondary goal in December to finish the draft.
  • That due to overtime this week at work, for the next couple days, my plans are shot all to hell, both for my word count and my blog.  So I may start updating my nano-count at night instead of in the morning, so I have more time to do things in the morning.

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