Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 10: 2,293

Day 10's Word Count: 2,293
Nov's Total:  24,349

  • I discovered my weakest point is still the plotting after the high point number one.
  • That this novel is chock-full of revelations.  
    • Couriers are going to be outed--well, definitely Walker will be, and the fact that couriers exist will be as well.  
    • Someone from Walker's past is part of their own secret organization affecting society.  Well, the revelation is more that they exist and are doing things, not the full extent of their powers and motives.
    • Walker is going to discover another person who knew him, briefly, from before his memory was wiped.  Walker is not pleased with this at all :-)
    • Finally, I plan on Walker revealing why he was visiting in the House of Healing (to the characters in the book) and whom that person is (to the readers).
  • That my characters need therapy.

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