Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Nano

Well, I chose "Walking Papers", but with some essential changes.
  • I'm dubbing it The Sentinel for now, but that isn't a permanent title.
  • It's no longer a weird west setting; I'm saving that for its sequel, which cannibalizes much of the unwritten prequel.
Here's a rough summary: 

Walker was a courier--he used to carry memories, souls, and even objects magically miniaturized inside his body, all in exchange for a free pass into worlds plagued by parasitic magic, a bunged up mind and body, and an all time low in life expectancy.  Then he got out, turned traitor: he became a sentinel, those who make sure what the couriers carry won't mess up the worlds any more than they already are.  But as they say, once a courier, always a courier.  Well, Walker's sometime wife says that.  She is counting on him to transport an item across the schisms (loco world borders) that sentinels would kill to destroy; as a sentinel, he is the only one who could get away with it.

He is prepared to tell her to go drop off a schism when she reveals what it is.  One of the last ingredients for a cure.  She carries another, the soul of the thaumaturge who concocted it.  Fortunately for all involved, Walker has his own personal reasons for seeing the cure come to fruition, because few people are willing to have anything to do with one.  After all, the last attempt at a cure pissed off the plague and turned that world into one giant mausoleum.  That world being the original world from once the plague came.  The world he called home.

This is a rough summary, and just like the title, a lot of the terms in it are place holders.  But hey, that's what draft two is for.

Anyway, I also have two Excel files.  Use this one if you are only going 50,000 words, aka going for the Nano win only.  Use this one if you are attempting an entire novel in one month--just change the word count of your novel from 80,000 to whatever yours is.  In both, if you fall under the daily goal (based on 50,000 words), the cells where your daily word count turns red.  If you meet or go over the amount needed every day to reach 50,000 words, the cell turns green; blue if you chose the second Excel file and meet or exceed your daily goal for a longer novel.  Right now those spreadsheet trackers are as rough as my summary, but hopefully, they will suffice or the can be altered to meet your needs.

Well, see you in a bit.  I'm off to do some last minute research.

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