Friday, October 16, 2009

Winner and Loser

Nope, I didn't win Nathan's contest.  But the two I voted for definitely deserve to share the title.  See the comments for my choice.

But these contests, they teach you a thing or two.  Such as, writing rules?  Writing rules are bull pucky.  I, honest to God, no offense meant, thought the last finalist was the perfect example of never-dare-ye-do purple prose and over writing.  Well, maybe it is, but in the eyes of the agent, it is part of the creme de la creme.  No, I don't have sour grapes--but what is up with food analogies?--but I am confused.  Which leads me back to point.  The rules are bull pucky, for as long as your English isn't rank, you will find someone in the publishing-related world who shares your tastes.  Heck, far from sour grapes, I'm effervescent--lol, not quite, but as long as my stomach is ruling my fingers, let's go with it--because that gives even me, the odd ball, hope that I have a chance not only in Hell, but here on Earth.

Oh, and another thing to note.  You can't judge an agent by his blog.  Quite a few of those finalists have a "literary genre" style or tinge to them.  I would not have expected that to be Mr. Bransford's cup of tea.  Huh.  Edited to add, I should have.  Look at his profile at the agency he works at.  In my defense, at the back of my mind I knew he didn't cover my genre, so I didn't care to understand what genres he did cover; I just went to his blog to read. 

By the way, I'm no a hater of the literary genre.  In fact, it is one of the few non-fantasy, non-classic, and non-historical fiction genres I read.  I love it for the mind candy phrases as well as the strong focus on characters as plot.

Anyway, am I disappointed I lost?  Nah, that would mean I did more than indulge in an a fantasy about winning--same as I indulge in a fantasy about what would happen if I won the lottery.  And trust me, I have a lot more fantasies on the ol' tree to pluck yet to miss one bruised apple :-)

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