Friday, October 16, 2009

Parallel Lives and Parallel Nanos?

I few years back, I saw this book at the book store and wanted it.  Back then I was only poorly and part-timely employed, so I couldn't buy it.  So, I forgot it.  Until, browsing the history section at my semi-local used book store for books not World II to modern--how can present day be labeled as history, by the way?--I saw this book tucked away.  I forewent a book on supernatural that I almost grabbed for, to get it.  It is an interesting study about marriages in Victorian times, which are often portrayed, Jane Austen's literary successors aside, tinged with a mellow sense of horror on the side of the woman, forced into the role of servant instead of comrade.  Or so, it is portrayed.

I have always wanted to do a reversal of gender roles, where a man is in such a "lamentable" position as marriage in those times.  And dammit, I'm almost tempted to do it instead of Nano.  If I can't get my creepy house story ready in time, I just might.  I just might, especially since I also picked up this book.  Serendipity calling?  Me thinks so.  Me thinks so.

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