Monday, October 26, 2009

Nano Possibilites

All right, I have three Nano Possibilities:
  • Vampires, Naturally.  Fantasy.  Male graduate of natural science is sent to study the last vampires. Set in a Victorianesque culture, with a gender role twist, a dash of humor, and a sprinkling of theme.  Status:  Needs short summary, outline, and character profiles.
  • Garden of Roots and Wings.  Literary Fantasy.  The struggles of three men who are bound to tend an isolated garden that their civilization depends upon for magic.  Status:  Needs better logline, has short summary, needs need outline, needs character profiles.
  • Walking Papers.  Fantasy.  Old West like setting, with demon or zombie like creatures.  Fast paced.  Status:  Needs logline, short summary, outline.
After a movie marathon this weekend of Transformers 1 and 2, I am leaning toward option three.  Even though I don't have much done on it, it seems like the most fun.  Also, I have some of the world building done on it from an unwritten prequel.  If that does not pan out, my backup is one of the other two, depending on if I am in more of a fun or deep mood.


  1. They all sound like terrific ideas! I am really starting to panic about NNWM. Am writing a Victorian mystery set in Brooklyn in the 1890s - well, I'm attempting to write it, anyway.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your blog, it looks really interesting. I'm also a big etymology freak - as my family knows since every time someone asks what a word means I run for the etymological dictionary, usually in the middle of dinner.

  2. Thanks for post and the compliments on my ideas. And a Victorian mystery sounds neat!

    "I'm also a big etymology freak"

    Cool, another etymology freak! Lol, my folks never get why I salivate over this big, expensive etymology book at B&N.