Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blast It All To Hell . . .

. . .  I think I have change my nano idea.  As much as a try, my The Mist meets Lost meets 1804 idea is a no-go.  Mostly because I'm not in the mood to write horror and I am not in the mood to write a cast of dozens.  The idea isn't going away, it just needs more time to ever get it ready to write.  After all, I never really wrote dark fantasy with the intent to scare before.  And I never wrote with that many povs before.  That's not going to be an easy novel for me.

This is funny, what with my article on success or salvage of nanos coming up.

Anyway, so there should be frequent posts on my search for a nano idea.  Starting with  Possibilities List (below), that will grow until I find one that clicks and doesn't lick me:
  1. Male graduate of natural science is sent to study the last vampires.  Set in a Victorianesque culture, with a gender role twist.
Wish me luck.

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