Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bad News, Good News

The Good News, I definitely have job security for about half the year for sure.  Someone went out on maternity leave about a month or two early, and so I'm going to have to do about 15 hours overtime a week until a temp comes in helps alleviate the situation a little.  Which will get worse before it gets better, since we have to train the temp too.

The Bad News, that means basically my writing and blogging life is going to be cut down to the bare minimum.  I thought about it, and until I get back to my normal schedule of 40 hours a week, this blog will have to be a little more sporadic.  First off, Test Drives are suspended until further notice and in a way, it's a good thing.  I have different ideas for Test Drives, one idea being a way to make it not so time consuming, and so when it comes back, I'm starting fresh.

Second, Monday Link posts may not be every Monday, but I am aiming for at least two Mondays a month.

Wednesdays I planned on posting snippets, progress, or exercises or explorations with my characters and novels.  That will still happen, but instead of every Wednesday, it will likely be a random Wednesday, when the mood hits or I have a really cool snippet to post.

Thursdays will still be my fiction reading and deconstruction schedule, but it will be at much slower pace.

And writing?  Well, I had plans on writing a lot fiction, as you can see from the New Year's post.  Well, now that has changed.  My main goal is to get one novel submitted and some shorter length fiction done.  Articles will be also much more scarce.

But keeping my Thursday and some semblance of my writing goals is needed for my sanity.

Well, that's it so far.  Wish me luck over the next few months, I'll need it.

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