Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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The Cartazonon.

This Indian and north African equine calls deserts and wastes of mountains home.  It possesses a reddish-yellow coat, long mane and tail, and a lengthy horn that is black and shiny.  Although it sounds beautiful, the Cartazonon is not your typical Disneyfied unicorn:  au contrare, it is very aggressive.  It will attack anyone who tries to capture it--no one has managed that feat yet, so the legends go.  Sometimes its agression is unprovoked, attacking people for no reason.  It seems to dislike animals as much as humans, especially lions.  The African native will kill whole prides of them. 

What do I like about them?  Come on.  Killer unicorns?  What is not to like? 

How do they relate to my writing?  Well, I did have a story idea once with evil unicorns, but besides that, folkloric horses gives me ideas on building a better mount for Walker.


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