Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Search for Re: Boobrie

What is the monster this week?  A neat Scottish creature called a boobrie.

It is enormous and birdlike, with black wings and claws like human hands.  The most interesting features about this creature are the eyes and the bill.  The black eyes have a stare that can drive a man insane.  Its bill is a long as a sword and just as deadly, capable of skewering large animals and flying off with them.  It is also capable of emitting a terrifying roar.

The boobrie is similar to the Great Northern Diver, but it has white markings and huge webbed feet.  But do not mistake it for a mere fishing or wading bird.  It prefers land animals, consuming anything that goes near its loch or even shipbound lifestock.  It will tear through wooden rails and nets to reach its prey aboard such vessels; sometimes it even tears through the sailor or fisherman who tries to stop its predation.

What do I find so intriguing about this creature?  The stare and the bill.  Walker sojourns in a world with a predatory bird.  I pictured it about the size of a crow, but I never thought of making it bigger or increasing its bill length or strength.  Nor did I consider making it have a hypnotic gaze.  All very cool things.  Though, I'm considering making it either silent or a mimic, whichever ends up scarier.


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