Monday, December 14, 2009

Link-a-Day: Time Wasters

Last week, I posted about an online Victorian ettiquette game.  That reminded me of other games I used to play online.  Some have since disappeared, but there are others out their to tickle the fancy, eat up time, or provide a some fun research.  I haven't tried all of them out myself, but here a few that caught my eye:

  • Zynga - My favorite is the Fishville, although the FarmVille is fun too (reminds me of SimFarm).  The vampire game is fun too.
  • Neopets - Used to play this one.  Addicting but very time consuming.
  • Arcadia Sim - Never played it, but it reminds me of a horse game I used to play.
  • Girls Go Games - Simulations - Played one.  Neat concept.

PS--Sorry this late.  For some reason it went from scheduled post to draft and never posted.

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