Thursday, September 10, 2009


In spite of laotong, yin, yang, or sense, I'm working on one of my older novels. I had been editing it in the past, but I heard so many warnings never to try to sell a book in a fantasy novel series first, that I decided to put it aside. Now it seems like that is no longer quite so true. Series will be what the publisher wants. (The guy also asked the question of stand alone vs series on an agent blog, but I can't remember which or when.)

Lol. Seems like I'm trying to follow hearsay again, but I'm not. I'm still leery about Lab, because it is somewhat comedic and I'm not a comedic fantasy writer. My character just happened to be a funny person. But that aside, it is the closest to being ready for submission, and I don't have the patience right now to finish writing, then extensively rewrite EoS. So, Lab it is. For now ;-)

Oh, and I do have some writing done on it. A new prologue. Yeah, yeah, I know. A prologue, but that is a whole other blog post, I'm afraid ;-)

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