Monday, August 24, 2009

Yin / Yang

Maybe it's just the influence of the novel I'm reading, but I'm wondering if I am being pulled to my bee-geisha story because it is sorta yang to EoS's yin. Although, neither is "light", EoS is far more dark than bee-geisha. It may also just be me, needing something a little lighter to work on. But for some reason, they feel as if they have a connection in my mind.

In that novel I'm reading, the concept of laotong is mentioned. "Old same". A sort of kindred spirit. Is that what these novels are? Kindred spirits?

Do you ever get the feeling that some of your characters from different novels would just get along well--or never get along? Oooh, I feel a potential Character Channel session coming on, lol. Channel the both of them, EoS's Jol-Len and bee-geisha's as of yet unnamed MC, and let them sit down and talk together a bit, see what comes of it all :-)

But if I can find out a reason why I feel there is some connection between these two novels of mine, although they are not in the same world or meta-world, maybe I'll better understand why I am writing them, why I am pulled to them both.

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